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Hi Jeff here again,

Chris Mason
Chris Mason

Today I am talking to recruitment expert Chris Mason of Intelligent People who is going to talk about the jobs market in the marketing sector of the United Kingdom.

This is something you need to be aware of if you’ve been working in Italy for a while and are making a beeline back to Blightey.

So, Intelligent People work mainly in the Digital and Online Marketing arena and Chris is here to talk about that as well as the wider U.K employment market. We felt it was important to do something on this subject given the possible implications of Brexit. Our feedback to date is that most brits living and working in Italy would want to stay, and why wouldn’t you? However, we’ve heard of a few people who may decide to go back.

Over to you Chris, what’s happening in the U.K jobs market post Brexit.

The Post Brexit Jobs Market

“Well not much as it happens”, he smiles, “we heard all the scare mongering and horror stories and it’s not really come to pass. The only real thing we’ve seen in the pound drop some 20-25 points against the Euro. So, I guess, depending on the rate you bought at in Italy, there is a possibility it’s a good time to sell up in terms of the amount of Sterling you might realise”.

“But, the jobs market is as alive as it’s been for the last three to four years”, he explains, “we are seeing more vacancies than ever in Online Marketing and eCommerce. We also talk to other agencies in general recruitment, IT and legal and everyone is busy with record numbers of jobs on the go”.

Traditional Industry

What about traditonal industries?

“Well, the manufacturing figures showed a massive bouce back from a bad month in June. I think the economy is in good shape and the figures for new jobs and employment do tend to bear that out. I know there was a lot of doom and gloom about after the Brexit vote, but, despite the fact we think there will be a few bumps, G.B Plc is in good shape as far as we can see”.

So you think there would be good opportunities for expats who are thinking of returning to the U.K?

Project Fear – Oh Dear!

“I genuinely do”, he says, “I think the Project Fear that David Cameron and his cronies dished up was super effective. But it was a very dangerous strategy as it takled the U.K down in the event of an “out” vote. This is exactly what happened but the post vote facts don’t bear out what Project Fear predicted”.

So, Cameron lied?

“Essentially yes”, he smiles, “he gambled big time and lost”.

So jobs for returning expats then?

“The scenario is good I believe, especially if these people are multi-lingual, which is likely given they have been working in Italy”, he says, “language skills are always welcomed and will attract a premium in most job roles. To be fair Spanish, French and German are the main language skills, but Italian is a hand one for sure”.

What are the best areas?

Best Markets For Jobs

“Digital Marketing, eCommerce and all Online Marketing functions are crazy busy, IT is busy across all disciplines, particularly sodftware development skills and CRM systems, like Sales Force for example. In the wider market all professional niches are working well and there is also a high demand for blue collar workers as well as unskilled”.

So, generally you see a market that is alive and looking for skills across the board?

“Yes, very much so, I think, unless something really bad comes out of Brexit or the global economy, things are looking good, despite the doom and gloom merchants predictions”.

Intelligent People

So, what about Intelligent People, what job roles are the hottest with your company at the moment?

“We’re seeing growth across all online marketing disciplines to be honest. CRM and Analytics are seeing great growth, but our bread and butter is eCommerce jobs and Product Manager jobs. we’re also seeing a lot of job function fragmentation so for example growth hacking and category management have become specific roles in their own right. It’s an incredibly interesting time to be working as a recruiter in such a dynamic market place. It really is an awul lot of fun. If any of your Guys want to contact us, the website is linked below”.

Yes, thanks so much Chris, that was very interesting indeed. So there you have it. Whislt there are some minor warnings, generally things are looking good for job prospects back at home in the United Kingdom.

If you want to contact Intelligent People, click that link!

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