How About An Online Business?

With the world in turmoil as Covid-19 rips thorugh Europe, it might well be time to look at a different model for supporting you and your family.

Affiliate Marketing is a method many people now choose to make a living online. The basis of it is you promote other people’s products in return for a commission on any sales made. The mechanisms to make it work at quite simple.

The Methods Are Many

Whilst the actual mechanisms themselves are simple, there are many ways to skin the affiliate marketing cat. And therein lies the problem for most people. Starting an online business is not simple.

The reason for this is simply there are so many potential online marketing techniques you can use and employ. Picking the right one for you is the key to success with any online method of making money.

People are seduced by the internet lifestyle that many of the “Guru’s” expounded. The laptop lifestyle where you sit by the beach and push a few buttons and untold riches pour out of your laptop

But, working online is the same as any other business in that it does require proper discipline and the application of true business methods. It is not possible to just push a few buttons and suddenly be earning thousands.

It’s not like that depsite what some people who sell “snake oil” online would have you believe. But, if you can get it right, the rewards are outstanding.

One of the things that can help is finidng a mentor.

Online Mentor

They say if you want to do something, find someone who has already done what you want to do and model them (note, not copy). Finding an Online Business Mentor I found out to be absolutely key to online success.

No matter how many successful online marketers I spoke to…to a man (or woman and there are a lot of successful women online), they’d all employed a mentor to get up and running.

Why Need A Mentor?

I think the one factor that feed through everyone I spoke to is that Online Business is so very different to traditiopnal businesses in many ways. There is such a unique skill set and there are many, many ways in which you can go about achiveing what you want.

So much so that you have to be careful you do not slip into constant learning mode. There is no doubt with the plethora of techniques and trainings out there, you could spend the rest of your life learning about online marketing and never actually do anything!

My research leads me to believe you need to work out the following…

  • What You Want To Achieve
  • How You Are Going To Achieve
  • What Tools You Are Going To Need
  • Make a Focussed Plan To Go From A to B
  • STICK To The Plan – Do NOT Get Sidetracked

There is no doubt every successful online marketer I’ve met has used his mentor to do the above. If you do this then I believe you do have every chance of transferring from the traditional job to self sufficiency online.

Good luck.