How SaaS Software Is Changing The Jobs Market

They do say the only constant is change, it’s a trueism for sure.

Who could have imagined even ten of fifteen years ago, the massive and disrupting chnage that cloud computing would bring. To employ advanced sales, tracking, accounting and CRM systems needed a huge in-house IT infrastructure that was, in most cases, even beyond medium sized companies.

The SaaS Advantage

This “technological edge” gave a huge competitive advantage to large companies who could afford to employ the fastest and most efficient systems to keep ahead of the game.

Fast-forward to 2018 and now, even the smallest of the small can benefit from the implementation and use of such systems. Cloud based applications built on the SaaS (software as a service) platform off “buy as you go” solutions for SMEs. This Quickbooks, think Sales Force. These are just two examples of highly functional SaaS applications that offer real information power and “big corporation functionality” to SMEs on a per user basis.

This seachange now means even the one man band company can look and operate on an even playing field with the largest corporations…because they can deploy the same systems.

The lead companies supplying these SaaS software solutions have become mega corporations in their won right. Indeed, tradiotoopnal software companiesm, like Oracle have piled into the SaaS applications market. Why? Simply because they realise the market for SMEs and one man bands, when all lumped together, far exceeds the blue chip market. It’s added a whole new layer of potential customers and therefore profit.

Recruitment and Jobs in SaaS

So, how has this knocked on to jobs and recruitment?

It’s very interesting to assess that’s for sure. I talked to Jon Eyres at Harvey Thomas in Milton Keynes. Jon’s company specialise in supplying into the SaaS development market, but with a slight twist. Harvey Thomas supply to pre-IPO and venture funded SaaS start up companies, which gives Jon a unique perspective on this growing market and makes him particularly qualified to comment.

“One thing is for certaion, the “job for life” went years ago”, he smiles, “But, supplying into this market has taken the meaning of contracting to a whole new level”.


“I’m jesting a litte”, he smiles again, “seriously, if you can think of any IT application, you can build a SaaS version. Obviously companies like Sales Force, early adopters of the technology, have stolen a march in the sales tracking market. But, they delivered an excelllent and very user friendly application that is highly functional. They blazed a trail others are trying to follow”.

“The market for recruitment into this pre-IPO and venture funded arena is one of the most fluid I have ever known. Obviously, start-ups, are, by their very nature, more risky and even some of the best ideas do not see the light of day. Others get started run down a blind alley or out of funds and get bought up by more visionary people who push things forward. However, there has to be a fluid talent pool to service this constantly moving market”.

Talent Pool

“And, that talent pool are by their nature more risk friendly than many IT skilled people. They understand the nature of what they are doing. They tend to be the more entrepreneurial people, they are prepared to take a lower salary maybe, in return for shares in something that might deliver a longer term reward. Its like being offered Microspft or Apple shares in the very early days. O.K, it probably won’t be as dramatic as those two examples, but these unique people are prepared to look at risk versus reward”.

“Our job is, as far as possible, to ensure this market remains in balance by moving the skills where they are needed. I guess you could say we are more facilitators than recruiters. Of course, we engage in all of the normal recruitment activity, booking interviews, taking jobs specs and matching candidates to roles. However, the flip side is we need to be aware of everything that is going on in our market place. If we know a new project is about to start we need to be able to service that project with relevant people. If we see a project in trouble, we need to find provision of where we can place the resource that is going to suddenyl need work”.

Balancing Act

It’s a balancing act and requires skills over and above that of the “run of the mill” recruitment consultant. That’s not to be disparaging to other recruiters, it’s just a different skillset. We are in contact with all of our customers and candidates more often and have a deep understanding of what is going on. Indeed, we don’t really have clients and candidates we have contacts”.

It’s a really interesting and unique market place and thank you Jon for sharing some of those unique insights.

You can find Harvey Thomas here. They specialise in Saas Development recruitment and also do Customer Success Recruitment for the second phase of startup.

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The Job Market Back Home

Hi Jeff here again,

Chris Mason
Chris Mason

Today I am talking to recruitment expert Chris Mason of Intelligent People who is going to talk about the jobs market in the marketing sector of the United Kingdom.

This is something you need to be aware of if you’ve been working in Italy for a while and are making a beeline back to Blightey.

So, Intelligent People work mainly in the Digital and Online Marketing arena and Chris is here to talk about that as well as the wider U.K employment market. We felt it was important to do something on this subject given the possible implications of Brexit. Our feedback to date is that most brits living and working in Italy would want to stay, and why wouldn’t you? However, we’ve heard of a few people who may decide to go back.

Over to you Chris, what’s happening in the U.K jobs market post Brexit.

The Post Brexit Jobs Market

“Well not much as it happens”, he smiles, “we heard all the scare mongering and horror stories and it’s not really come to pass. The only real thing we’ve seen in the pound drop some 20-25 points against the Euro. So, I guess, depending on the rate you bought at in Italy, there is a possibility it’s a good time to sell up in terms of the amount of Sterling you might realise”.

“But, the jobs market is as alive as it’s been for the last three to four years”, he explains, “we are seeing more vacancies than ever in Online Marketing and eCommerce. We also talk to other agencies in general recruitment, IT and legal and everyone is busy with record numbers of jobs on the go”.

Traditional Industry

What about traditonal industries?

“Well, the manufacturing figures showed a massive bouce back from a bad month in June. I think the economy is in good shape and the figures for new jobs and employment do tend to bear that out. I know there was a lot of doom and gloom about after the Brexit vote, but, despite the fact we think there will be a few bumps, G.B Plc is in good shape as far as we can see”.

So you think there would be good opportunities for expats who are thinking of returning to the U.K?

Project Fear – Oh Dear!

“I genuinely do”, he says, “I think the Project Fear that David Cameron and his cronies dished up was super effective. But it was a very dangerous strategy as it takled the U.K down in the event of an “out” vote. This is exactly what happened but the post vote facts don’t bear out what Project Fear predicted”.

So, Cameron lied?

“Essentially yes”, he smiles, “he gambled big time and lost”.

So jobs for returning expats then?

“The scenario is good I believe, especially if these people are multi-lingual, which is likely given they have been working in Italy”, he says, “language skills are always welcomed and will attract a premium in most job roles. To be fair Spanish, French and German are the main language skills, but Italian is a hand one for sure”.

What are the best areas?

Best Markets For Jobs

“Digital Marketing, eCommerce and all Online Marketing functions are crazy busy, IT is busy across all disciplines, particularly sodftware development skills and CRM systems, like Sales Force for example. In the wider market all professional niches are working well and there is also a high demand for blue collar workers as well as unskilled”.

So, generally you see a market that is alive and looking for skills across the board?

“Yes, very much so, I think, unless something really bad comes out of Brexit or the global economy, things are looking good, despite the doom and gloom merchants predictions”.

Intelligent People

So, what about Intelligent People, what job roles are the hottest with your company at the moment?

“We’re seeing growth across all online marketing disciplines to be honest. CRM and Analytics are seeing great growth, but our bread and butter is eCommerce jobs and Product Manager jobs. we’re also seeing a lot of job function fragmentation so for example growth hacking and category management have become specific roles in their own right. It’s an incredibly interesting time to be working as a recruiter in such a dynamic market place. It really is an awul lot of fun. If any of your Guys want to contact us, the website is linked below”.

Yes, thanks so much Chris, that was very interesting indeed. So there you have it. Whislt there are some minor warnings, generally things are looking good for job prospects back at home in the United Kingdom.

If you want to contact Intelligent People, click that link!

Remortgaging Options for expats in Italy

Remortgaging to Buy a Holiday Home

When you hear about friends or family who have managed to afford a place in the sun as a holiday home, do you feel a little bit envious and sigh wistfully, hoping that one day you can do the same?

If so, that sunny holiday retreat could be yours and you don’t even know it yet. If you’re already a property owner in the UK and Europe, you can use your own house by remortgaging it to raise enough cast to buy a new place. For most home owners still paying off their mortgage, remortgaging is a great move anyway, as it can get you more favourable interest rates or a better deal all round.

Releasing Equity

But it’s also a fantastic way to release some equity locked inside your house, so you can raise a lump sum for something special, like a wedding in the family, a dream round-the-world cruise, or a brand new villa in the sun.

Whatever your reasons for remortgaging, you can make the whole process easier and more accessible by consulting an independent mortgage advisor. Professional mortgage advisers have access to many more remortgaging products than an individual normally has, and these experts also have a huge network of connections and financial lending organisations that they’ve built up over years of being in business.


Russell Sanders, from independent mortgage broker Fresh Mortgages, based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordsire, says,”We’ve got some pretty complex software tools that can calculate the mortgage products available to a mortgage applicant, depending on their unique situation, such as value of their existing property, age, employment situation and income. Within a short space of time we come up with a shortlist of mortgage lenders who have a product to suit you, whether it’s remortgaging, buying to move to a new home or a buy-to-let.”

I ask Russell what type of person, in his experience, is interested in remortgaging.

Market Values

He answers, “There’s a wide variety of reasons why people come to me for remortgaging advice. Recently my clients include couples who own their own homes but have extra land in their garden, and want to raise some money to build a house on the extra space. The cost of building a house is always less than the market price quoted by an estate agent, as the ‘for sale’ amount includes the cost of the land.”

Russell continues, “Loft conversions are very popular these days too, as the cost of extending a house can be less than moving to a larger place, and a lot more realistic if you don’t want to get a completely new mortgage loan. And of course some folk want to raise some money for a buy-to-let, so they get constant rental income. This includes the scenario of buying a holiday home that you rent out commercially for some or all months of the year, giving you an income over the summer months while you may want to use it as a retreat in the winter.”

Purchase Proof

Do the mortgage lenders differentiate who they lend to on the basis of what you want the money for?

Russell smiles and says, “All they want to know is that it’s legitimate and that you won’t use the money for something disreputable. Buying a holiday home is a very common reason for wanting to remortgage, especially since the rise of the popular TV show, A Place in the Sun. The mortgage lender will want to know the address of the property you want to purchase, so they can check it exists and it’s worth the money they’re lending. So yes, you do have to verify your reasons for applying for the loan.”

“But that’s the same if you were going to buy a home in the UK. Financial lending of all types has really tightened up since the financial crisis, so all lenders should want to know why you’re asking for the money. I’ve even heard of cases where people are releasing savings held in bonds, and the financial organisation they’ve been saving with wants to know why they want their money back!”

Fast and Easy

I ask Russell to put in a nutshell why someone should go to an independent mortgage broker.”Because we’re independent we won’t push products onto you that aren’t appropriate for you. We can search around a wide range of mortgage lenders to find the product that suits your personal requirements, such as early repayment over a reduced number of years, or extending the repayment period to more than 25 years, or a fixed interest rate for the initial years if you’re just starting out on the property ladder and the move has left you only able to afford a certain amount for the foreseeable future.”

“Above all, an independent mortgage advisor saves you time, so you don’t have to spend hours visiting banks and building societies and talking through your requirements with lenders who may not have the product you want in the first place. We give you a selection of eligible options, rapidly and at your desk or home. No legwork required!”

So now you can talk to an independent mortgage adviser to see if you can get that dream home in the sun now, rather than a few years down the line. To read more about Fresh Mortgages, go to

5 Reasons to Start a Business On Your Own

business-development-managementBuilding a big business is a challenge. There is much to learn and rise above. Nevertheless, it can be extremely rewarding both personally and economically. Knowing why you desire to start a business from home in the first place can assist you stay focused and keep you moving forward through adversity.

As well the clear reasons to start a business from home similar to cutting your commute, spending extra time with your family, the income prospective, the tax write-offs, being your own boss, ownership, doing something your fervent about, personal development, managing your time, the private satisfaction you get, and other general reasons, we wanted to assemble a short list that identified less general, yet equally significant top reasons to begin a business from home. Feel free to add to this list as your brain comes up with ideas.


  • Obtain New Skills

Starting a company from home offers you the opportunity for steady and never-ending development. It allows you to augment and acquire new skills like advertising, management, productivity, communication, delegation, investigate product development, technological skills, and a diversity of others. Although this can be irresistible at times, the effect is that you are better ready for uncertainty and change since you have worked to broaden your skill sets as well as knowledge.


  • Grind Your Creativity

To begin a business from home, you have to use the power of your mind to create. Whether you make an actual product, marketing materials, teaching for your team, come up with latest strategies, try new techniques, and so on, a business will compel you to grind your creativity and become more innovative. It is just a usual process of engaging in a creative endeavor.

business (3)

  • Build Your Personal Assets

Opening a business from home gives you the sole ability to create assets that you hold. Whether it is a product, a service, intellectual possessions, or a brand, your company is an asset that has value and can potentially make income for years to come. You can in turn, reinvest the income you produce into enhancing your skill sets, raising your business, or purchasing other profits producing assets.


  • Recognize and Solve Problems

The purpose of a business is to resolve problems and satisfy the wants, needs, and desires of others. Starting your personal business forces you to become additional observant and identifies the problems that public face on a daily basis. As a business vendor, you now have an incentive to solve troubles and meet people’s needs.


  • Offer Goods and Services That Serve

Through your business, you have the freedom of making a optimistic impact in the lives of others. By providing worth through your products and/or services, you have the prospective to help solve people’s problems and rally their needs.


strategic_planGetting Started

Now that you have become conscious of more reasons to begin a business from home, the next issue becomes how to get started. Certainly, there are a lot of ways to go about doing that. One of the easiest as well as fastest ways to get started is to use an easy marketing system that has previously been created. The benefit of using such a system is that you don’t have to spend the time or the money to create your personal from scratch. Identifying why you desire to start a business from home is only one-step to building a gainful business. The majority people have a vast difficulty moving forward from there. The subsequently challenge is acquiring all the information and skills you require to put all the pieces together.

In the end, it proves that starting something on your own is the best way to earn more money. However, if your business is based on a passion of yours, you have even more chances of becoming successful.